Dr, Lillea Hartwell, ND

Dr, Lillea Hartwell, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

As a young child Dr. Hartwell battled chronic infections that baffled her conventional doctors. Just short of surgical removal of her infected glands, she was taken to an indigenous healer who prescribed a botanical treatment that assisted in her recovery. Ever since she could remember she had an insatiable interest in plant medicine. That interest, and the development of several autoimmune conditions for which she was offered little assistance in managing, brought her to naturopathic medicine. Dr. Hartwell brings a unique combination of compassion and empathy, along with advanced clinical knowledge to each of her primary care, urgent care, aesthetics and minor surgery cases. With this knowledge and an ever growing tool box, Dr. Hartwell assists her patients in unshackling themselves from their “chronic conditions” and empowers them to live life to the utmost!   

Botanicals to Treat Plague Research


Learn about evidence-based corroboration and validation for botanicals historically used to treat infectious disease.

Cognitive Care


In a world where humans are living longer than ever, use this botanical to hack common age-related brain fog

Dr. Hartwell's Psoriasis Case Study

Do you or someone you know have psoriasis? You’re not alone! More than 8 million adults are affected by psoriasis each year in the United States. 

And there may be more options than you are aware of..Naturopathic News & Doctor Review recently published Dr. Hartwell’s case study “Psoriasis: Resolution Using Naturopathic Intervention”. It details tools that can be utilized to find and treat the cause of this condition. 


Dr. Hartwell has created a cozy and clean environment at Saguaro Blossom. She was very professional and I barely felt anything at all when she gave me my B12 injection! I will definitely be returning to Dr. Hartwell in the future. 


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