📚I read a study measuring physiological stress markers in adults that transplanted non-flowering plants from one pot to another compared to adults filling pots with soil only🕳

The plant 🌱 group experienced: 

⬆️ alpha waves on their electroencephalogram [used to evaluate the electrical activity in the brain]. Alpha waves are associated with a calm/relaxed brain🧠

⬇️ muscular tension (measured using electromyography [a diagnostic procedure to assess the health of muscles and the nerve cells that control them])💪

⬇️subjective fatigue 🤩

Since muscular tension and fatigue can accompany many autoimmune conditions, especially rheumatological ones,💡consider getting some plant babies to nurture and soothe you during these unprecedented times 🦠

Yamane et al. Effects of interior horticultural activities with potted plants on human physiological and emotional status. Acta Hortic 2004, 639:37-43. 

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