I’m a bit of a globetrekker, here’s the barebones of my essential packing list:

🌎A multivitamin 

🌎Immune support (vitamin C & vitamin A)

🌎Probiotics and GI support 

🌎An empty water bottle to fill

🌎Herbal tea bags 

🌎Alcohol based hand sanitizer 

🌎Snacks that cater to my food sensitivities so I don’t cave on lesser options due to hunger 

🌎Items suited for the ecosystem which I research in advance (skin protection in the deserts, repellent and rain gear in the rainforests or cloud forest, anti-histamine herbs and topicals in the rainforest, etc)

🌎1st aid homeopathic remedies 

🌎A healthcare practitioner is a great partner prior to adventuring to offer guidance and support 

🗺Comment below with an essential item from your list!

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