Featured here are adorable piglets I saw while hiking to a Lisu village in Thailand to provide medical care with an amazing team of Naturopaths Without Borders volunteers in collaboration with the illustrious Dr. David Marnaw of Where There Is No Doctor.

In humans Taeniasis is a parasitic infection due to tapeworm 🐛Taenia sp. The most common is Taenia solium which is the pork tapeworm! Eating raw or undercooked pork can lead to infection which may not present with out of the ordinary symptoms including abdominal pain, 🤢loss of appetite, weight loss and upset stomach. In rare cases, Taenia solium infections can result in cysticerosis which can cause seizures, muscle or eye 👁damage.

T. solium is more common in communities that are less developed with poor sanitation and where the community consumes raw or undercooked pork. Taenia asiatica is specific to the Asian countries including Thailand. 🌍

Previnir: be sure to cook: – whole cuts of meat to at least 145F (63C), whole cut must sit out for 3 minutes with thermometer before carving or consuming to ensure it remains stable at that temperature -ground meat cook to at least 160F (71C) (https://www.cdc.gov/parasites/taeniasis/gen_info/faqs.html)

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