👀This isn’t your average vision board!  This comes after many years of experimenting with the process of creating a vision board through paper clippings. 

👀This year a mentor sparked an epiphany for my vision board creating. WHAT IF we used the amazing internet and print in color to achieve the same end, with an abundant source of images for our use?! And so I did! 

👀Creating my vision board this way allowed me to really symbolize all I want out of this year. What I fuel this year in my vision board scares me and inspires me and guides me. In fact, my 2021 vision board is in my car, in my bathroom, next to my bedside table, and my wallpaper for my phone. Dreams those incredible dreams and let’s make them a reality.

👀I challenge you to delve into your greatest desires and goals for the coming year, no matter how “outlandish” they may seem. I want to see them, tag me to show me 😍

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