💭It’s from “Madagascar”! 🌍Consequently, the originator of Madagascar periwinkle aka Catharanthus roseus. 🌺

This plant is unique because it is both drought and salt tolerant, 🗿it even grows in limestone rocks!

2 of the plants chemical constituents are responsible for its rise to fame, 📈especially in the world of cancer therapy: vinblastine and vincristine. 

🌱Indigenous herbal medicine also promotes this plant as an aide in diabetes, which aqueous extracts in modern studies have verified due to its hypoglycemic qualities.

🌸 A word of a caution with this medicinal plant as it has the potential to be poisonous ☠️with marked effects on bone marrow, hair, intestines, liver, kidney, lungs, bladder and the vascular system.

doi: 10.1155/2015/982412

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