👉Everyone tells you to exercise, right? They say to go for a 30-minute walk every day.  

👉It’s a great recommendation, BUT get this…

👉Walking for different reasons yields different health results!!

👉A recent study looked at surveys of more than 125,000 US adults. Based on more than 500,000 “walks,” the study found that walking for a particular purpose—like to work or to the grocery store—was more beneficial than just walking to walk.

Pretty cool, right?

👉Walking with a purpose for just 10 minutes a day (like walking 10 minutes to a bus stop) increased a person’s odds of better health by 6% compared to walking for recreation.

So, let’s all think about places we can walk with purpose…

🚶‍♂️to work

🚶‍♂️to the library

🚶‍♂️to the store

🚶‍♂️to the post office

🚶‍♂️to a friend’s house

👉Drop in the comments—where do you like to walk? 


Pae G, Akar Gl. Effects of walking on self-assessed health status: Links between walking, trip purposes and health. J Transport and Health. 2020.  


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