👉Do you have a special someone who’s extremely difficult to buy presents for during the holidays?

👉What about a sibling or parent that seems to have everything they could possibly want?

👉The amazing thing about holiday gifts is that you are arming your friends and family with tools to meet their goals for the coming year!!

👉I am ALL about experience over materials; one year my group of friends pooled together to pay for my climbing gym membership #squadgoals

Perhaps one of the gifts down below will suit those on your shopping list..

🌿a PLANT (If you’re a Phoenix local check out: Pueblo nursery 1025 Grand Avenue Phoenix, Arizona)

🧘‍♀️a yoga mat and a list of your favorite yoga teachers to check out on YouTube

🐙a good NATURE documentary..nothing like traveling on a budget 

 🌍(“Planet Earth” is one of my faves)

🛁Clean ingredient face scrub with a loofah and epsom salt for bath (or better yet a gift card for a facial microneedling facial at Saguaro Blossom Medical Center)

💨Incense and an incense holder

📒A journal to fill with thoughts, dreams, gratitude, and passions

🍵Their fave loose leaf tea complete with steeper and inspirational mug

📿SELENITE (because the people of the world could use a little bit more of this near us all)

🧶A reusable face mask

🌵🌸A field guide to local flora (“Shrubs and Trees of the Southwest Deserts” is one of my personal favorites if you are a desert dweller!)

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