The naturopathic principle to “Treat the Whole Person” (Tolle Totum) emphasizes our duty to consider all aspects of a patient’s case including establishing the fundamentals of health. For example, in a patient that presents to clinic with fatigue I dig deeper to see what components of their lifestyle, physical, mental and emotional standing could be contributors. Perhaps the patient has a heavy menstrual cycle with a low iron diet, could use education about sleep hygiene or maybe she has leaky gut and has developed food intolerances. Since whole person health incorporates spiritual health, I support my patients’ pursuit of spiritual development. For some it may be getting out into nature more, stopping at a park, start attending a bible study, do 3 minute daily meditations, or to find a church to go to on Sunday. Whatever the case, I use my tools to support the person in whole-mind, body, and spirit.

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