Why would high blood sugar be linked to more severe cases of COVID?

That’s a question researchers at the University of Michigan are attempting to explain. Here’s what they think so far…

👉 Elevated blood sugars create low-grade inflammation

👉 Existing low-grade inflammation leads to an even stronger inflammatory surge in response to infection

👉 When the body is inflamed, it triggers an abnormal immune response that attacks not only the virus but also healthy cells and tissues. That’s not good.

On the flip side, well controlled blood sugars are associated with lower levels of inflammatory markers.

And that’s a good thing.  

If you have diabetes / prediabetes / metabolic syndrome / insulin resistance / or any issues related to elevated blood sugar, NOW is the time to take it seriously.

Buckle down on your diet. Track your sugars. Listen to your doctor.

I’m not promising that managing your blood sugars will protect you against COVID. Nobody can promise you that. I’m just asking you to take the best care you possibly can of your body today to strengthen it for whatever it might face tomorrow.

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Reference: Gianchandani R, Esfandiari NH, Ang L et al. Managing Hyperglycemia in the COVID-19 Inflammatory Storm. Diabetes. 2020. https://diabetes.diabetesjournals.org/content/early/2020/08/10/dbi20-0022

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