🤯A year ago I lost someone. It was an unimaginable loss. 👀

👉Death is no stranger to me. But this loss hit especially hard. Last year, in the very moment I was celebrating the realization of my concierge practice to brick-and-mortar, one of the people who raised me and influenced my very pursuit of medicine passed away unexpectedly. 

👉I tussled with whether to share at that time but decided to be my authentic self, I admitted that while I celebrate life’s ups and downs I celebrated the acquisition of my commercial space in the honor of this amazing woman who helped raise me and shape the very core of who I am. As I grieved her passing, I know that she stood by me as I embarked on that new adventure, likely with her Ray Bans on, a steaming cup of coffee clutched in her hand and a Ramones song blaring in the background. 

👉In loving memory of Dr. Kattapong 💛 I am happy to celebrate a year since opening of Saguaro Blossom Medical Center!! 🌵🌸

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