“Every choice before you represents the universe inviting you to remember who you are and what you are here to do.” -Alan Cohen

I welcomed in the new year and new decade with a declaration of my dedication to naturopathic medicine so that I can address some of the weaknesses my patients witness or experience in conventional medicine. By developing a comprehensive traditional case history that also includes family history, psychological stability, and nutritional counseling I will be able to comprehensively gather information to gain an understanding of the underlying cause of an illness or disease. The current healthcare system in the U.S. deserves mending, the system allows doctors a narrow scope of practice with limited choices. As a naturopathic physician I am committed to working towards a different system, an alternative system that is emerging on the forefront of medicine, that is admired for its ingenious approach to “whole patient” healthcare.

(Photo courtesy of Margie Hoke)

I will work with doctors of all backgrounds to have a practice that is integrative in its approach to health and wellness while treating the cause rather than only the symptoms. Through leading by example, identifying the cause, treating the whole person, and using preventative methods or non-invasive methods first (following the therapeutic order), I will feed the vis and eliminate obstacles to cure. I believe that my passion for botanical medicine led me into the investigation of modalities and treatment beyond the limitations of allopathic medicine. This passion has consequently fueled my commitment to naturopathic medicine, where I can practice my passion and heal more completely than the current system can. My previous experiences have shed light on my future as a practitioner, I possess a salubrious fire within that has persevered throughout my naturopathic program and will continue throughout my career.

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