The naturopathic principle of “Prevention” (Praevenire) also play a huge role in treating patients. I have apprenticed with Feather Jones RH (AHG) to learn more about herbalism. I also completed my training as a registered herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild. As a medical student I was committed to developing evidence-based research that supports the naturopathic field on Dr. Langland’s Senior Research Team and continue through case reports and other publications as a physician. Both of these examples of continuing education show my commitment to gaining more knowledge to be able to better educate my patients and understand how to further support their health. I recognize measures can be taken to analyze relative risk—genetic, environmental, or otherwise—and consequent susceptibility to disease to foresee future health complications. In this manner, each patient can begin taking protective measures and responsibility for their health. I also have resources and knowledge to rely upon so that patients do not have deficiencies down the road that I could have prevented. Some instances of this include supplementing folate with Methotrexate users, giving CoQ10 to those on statin drugs, replenishing other magnesium rich foods in patients with latex food allergies.

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