In this day in age, the principle of the “Healing Power of Nature” (Vis Medicatrix Naturae) is seemingly one of the most undervalued. It is a testimony to the incredible ability of the body to heal itself, and as a naturopath I facilitate that by removing obstacles to cure and aiding the body with tools in which to do so. This vis can be amplified by exposure to the calming effects of being out in nature and by being reminded of the oneness within us. I realize now that my entire lifestyle, since birth, centers around this principle. I grew up feeding the vis within me, meditating, grounding, reflecting, and being outside in the sun. When I was not well I changed my diet, my lifestyle, did my own research, discovered Linus Pauling. As a naturopath, I screen for nutrient deficiencies, overactive immune systems, and support optimal nutrition. In addition to nutrition, I use botanicals, nutraceuticals, intravenous therapy, and perform minor surgical procedures. I also support elimination pathways with practices like hydrotherapy, homeopathy, and acupuncture along with Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formulas. By employing these practices alongside mind-body medicine and lifestyle modifications, I support the body in healing itself.

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